Your Homicidols Weekender #342

Before we jump into the week-in-idol-that-was, I want to remind everyone of our ongoing  project to collect your nominations for the best alt, indie and/or chika idol MVs of all time.

Tell us your thoughts here: Best MV Nomination Form

Trying to come up with a short list of top MV is a tough task, but we will closing nominations in about a week, so there’s only a little more time left to get your thoughts in order and submitted. Here’s some recent candidates for consideration:

GARUDA released a new MV (subtitled in English) in the lead up to next month’s new single and first one-man live 

You’ll Melt More! channel about four decades of post-punk into a single song complete with big suits ala David Byrne.

Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational Aina the End.

I missed a few things last week, which is understandable. I’m hoping LYRICHOLIC will forgive me.

Mistress is keeping idolcore alive through sheer force of will.

Our friends at Beyond Senpai published an interview with Himari to talk about her solo project, Isiliel.

anew (Art Idol New World) have released an MV for their first single.

RAY, the veteran art idols, shine a light on how it’s done.

Roa Kusunoki of THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO released a solo song for her birthday.

Quubi always reminds us that chika idol thrives in Osaka as well.

While Pimm’s reminds us how they’ve lasted 10 years as a unit.

We have new music from Shihatsu-Machi Underground.

If you are still craving a Maison book girl fix, try some neochi.

If you were ever wondering what happened to Kiteretu Nonfiction, they are now the NEW RADIO TAISO CLUB. Thanks to Fredo over on the the Homicidols Discord server for solving this mystery.

DAIDAIDAI releases a song called “WORLD WIDE HAPPINESS” and then broke our hearts (see: Oshiloss Corner below).

AFTERS, who has been piling up fans for the past month, finally debuts today.

Another new unit joining the class of 2023: meet ROOM 0205 who mix hip hop and city pop to great effect. 

This new unit was brought to our attention by pilu over on the Homicidols Discord server:  idolcore-meets-chiptune with iWannaDay.

Get on the chill hop tip with this an hour long PV of THE ORGANICS from their first one-man live. I don’t usually post full lives, but they are just so damn good.

KAMEN JOSHI are still jumpin’.

We aren’t big on fanservice around here, but we are sticklers for tradition: with the summer solstice looming, that means it’s time for the annual swimsuit MV from Niji no Conquistador

Oshiloss Corner

DAIDAIDAI will die die die in August.

Bokuga Sakura is graduating from Satanic Punish.

KILLER MACHINE is leaving Chemical X. The unit will be adding new member in July.

MIRO is graduating from NEKIRU

Azusa is graduating from 8bitBRAIN.

The legendary Meguro Rockmaykan will be closing this coming January and relocating to a different building. This landmark live house was the home base of X-Japan and, essentially, the birthplace of visual kei back in the 80s. A decade ago, it hosted the debut one-man live of BABYEMETAL and has since become a prominent venue in the chika idol scene. They are currently the home of POPPiNG EMO, NOW DRAMATiC and the other O-key units and host idol several idol taibans each week. Seeing a live at Rockmaykan was on my bucket list and I finally got to achieve that goal this past January. There are just under seven months left to do the same.

Oshifound Corner

The new unit, chuuum, officially unveiled their producer/member shuri who you may remember as uyu, formerly of PLANCK STARS.

Newlywed Amino Coromi (ex. MELON BATAKE A GOGO and The Grateful a MogAAAz) will be returning with a solo project. 

swancry, the band project by Shida Hikage (formerly Shidare of Yukueshirezutsurezure), has release their second, stellar EP.

Have a Good Weekend!