Your Homicidols Weekender #343

I spent most of the week in Las Vegas, so I apologize for the lack of content. I was distracted. I regret nothing.

Before we jump into it, remember that we are collecting reader opinions on the best idol MVs ever made. You have about one week left to submit you nominations here: Entry Form for Best Alt-Idol MVs Ever.

Yurapico released a new song. It’s composed by yossy, the producer behind Chemical X and author of BURST GIRL, Malcolm Mask McLaren and Candye♡Syrup tunes.

You can also pre-order Yurapico’s upcoming album from our friends at Chaotic Harmony.

MAD JAMIE is heading to Sweden for their first overseas live.

Speaking of touring overseas, Thailand’s AKIRA KURØ released a lyric MV for their new single as they prepare to travel to Japan for several performances. 

first selection are less than a year old and generating considerable buzz.

INUWASI are still fantastic.

The title of the new song by Mercuro translates as something like, “Committee on Sex and Juvenile Development.”


This Quubi band set looks like an amazing show.

may in film channel some 90s rock with  “Fanfare.”

The new release from Seireki13ya is available on streaming.

Here’s KiSS KiSS with their song, “KiSS KiSS KiSS” off of their first album, FiRST ALBUM. I watched it all the way through so you have to as well. bracket is responsible for bringing it to our attention via the Homicidols Discord server.

mistress gives us PV to support their new single.

I love everything about the new I to U $creaming single, including the album art.

Here’s NO❤︎AF. Support ska idols!  

Zetsubou no Pomeranian gets cute.

Usagi no Mimic!! are so sweet they’ll give you kawaiiabetes.

Minna no Kodomochan are crowdfunding to produce a concert video of their one-man live in August.

Over on the the Homicidols Discord server. Bob is Random introduced us to the new fairly tale gothic unit, YAMIKUMO, who just held their debut live yesterday.

From newly minted to seasoned veterans of gothic lolita idol, here’s UNDERBEASTY

Oshiloss Corner

As POPPiNG EMO ends their current system in early July, Emotiona Ru Ruka will graduate from the group while King Yuria will join, moving over from NOW DRAMATiC

Noriko Rukawa of THE ORCHESTRA TOKYO will have surgery to remove a vocal chord polyp on July 8th. She will be out for three-to-four weeks after for recovery.

innes is disbanding August 6th.

Emma will suspend activities with LYSM and says she would like to return.

Juri Momobami has been released from Saihate no Hairaito.

Hina Jino will be leaving Planet after the rain after her birthday live on July 8th.

8bitBRAIN will be taking a break from lives after Anzu Manji 100% came down with COVID, however… (to be continued in Oshifound Corner)

Oshifound Corner

Sari Merone will be returning from hiatus and rejoining 8bitBRAIN in August.

First Summer Uika (ex. BILLIE IDLE® and OG BiS) has been cast as a character in Like a Dragon 7 Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

MiRA (ex. LiLiHoLi) released the first single and MV from her solo project, White Fennec.

Gordon, the band project of Con (ex. Yukueshirezutsurezure) released their latest MV.

Have a Good Weekend!!