Your Homicidols Weekender #344

Just in case you missed the announcement yesterday, we have taken all of the nominees sent in by the readers of Homicidols over the past few weeks and put together a survey to help whittle down the 127 entries to the a definitive list of the greatest alt-idol music videos ever.   The survey will be open until July 7 so, when you have some free time, please let us know how you feel:

Homicidols Survey of Nominees for Best MVs of All Time

We are also expanding our social media reach, for whatever that is worth. Homicidols scored an invite code to Bluesky so please add our account if you are on that social network. It’s a little quiet over there right now, but at least we will be prepared if/when Twitter finally collapses under the weight of Elon’s ego.

A number of idols have decided to summer in Europe:

Broken By the Scream will be making their European debut in Austria this August.

The goddesses of ERISU will be teaming up with a goddess in her own right, SARI, for a show in Italy, I mean, Nibiru. SARI has announced several other European dates as well as she embarks on her year-long stay in Sweden. And don’t forget that Yurapico and 2& will be in Cologne next month.

Isiliel was in Germany yesterday and hits the Netherlands tomorrow before heading to the US  and Anime Expo next weekend.

We have to kick off this week’s tunes with Hinano Takizawa of NEO JAPONISM performing a cover of Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation.” The arrangement is by Tagawa Utaya who has composed for NeoJapo, uijin, INUWASI, MEWM, CY8ERDevil Anthem. and more.

Pan Luna Leafy’s new idol superunit, NARLOW release a PV from their debut.

2023’s other superunit, REIRIE drop a new MV.

-odoro- extends their streak by releasing yet another of the best singles of the year.

Starting in dream pop and ending in heavy prog rock, thank PLEVAIL for this inspiring journey.

Ichigo Rinhamu will be in LA next weekend with BPM15Q. Here’s her latest PV being backed up live by TeddyLoid.

The title to this new one from Schrodinger’s Dog has got Robert Palmer stuck in my head. 

GILTY x GILTY give us an ode to arachnids.

Newen Zsasz.

There’s some nice demonstrations of color theory in the new MV from LeNoirEclat.

Speaking of color, here’s the new one from NiL.

The canine raptors of INUWASI dropped a couple of new PVs this week.

Just a reminder that NEO JAPONISM is still planning on visiting the United States this fall. Keep your calendars open.

For her birthday live each year, Maho Aoki of caeca goes from being a vocal & dance to vocal & drum idol. Happy birthday!

sui sui went pensive on us with their latest, “Blue Sky After Melancholy.”

nzu, the solo project of Anzu Kojima of Summer Rocket, gives us a new tune for our next road trip.

A new song from one of the best names in idol: Symdolick.

Over on the Homcidols Discord service, Lupus introduced us to SAYAKA STAR, a regional and kaidan idol with zero monthly listeners on Spotify.  She has a raw, pop punk sound, like uncooked Stereopony. We think everyone should go and check her out and bump those numbers up.


Oshiloss Corner

I was literally minutes away from finalizing the first Weekender in history under my stewardship of this site with no graduations, disbandments, or hiatuses to report.

Then chuuum (the new unit produced by uyu, formerly of PLANCK STARS) posted the following: Himeno has decided to leave prior to the group’s debut.

So close.

Oshifound Corner

Anya Gon (formerly known as  Ayana Dainagon of LAST IN MY CULT) has joined munen.

swancry, band project of Shida Hikage (ex. Yukueshirezutsurezure) is the best thing going.

It’s been a long strange trip with ano from OG chika idol with You’ll Melt More to A-lister pimping for McDonalds.

Have a Good Weekend!