NECRONOMIDOL Announce Multiple Graduations, Hiatus and Imminent Resurrection

NECRONOMIDOL have announced the immediate graduation of  Rei Imaizumi, Michelle and original member Risaki Kakizaki.  In addition, they have cancelled all events for the next two months including their upcoming one-man on March 23 where they were to introduce new members and costumes.  The group will be on hiatus until further notice.

The word itself from Manager-san.

Okaki, Rei and Michelle will be independently hosting their own graduation live on April 27th. Here’s Okaki’s statement in English.

Rei and Michelle have issued statements as well with Rei asking for time to translate hers.

Remaining veteran member Himari insists that NECROMA will go on.

If any unit can survive this little death, it is NECRONOMIDOL.  The unit still has a solid foundation with a deep catalog, a devoted following, a charismatic and well-loved center in Himari and a manager who has proven adept at bringing in talent that complements the overall vision.  

In truth, as shocking as this morning’s announcements are, I have few doubts that Necroma will resurrect in good form, just without some beloved members.

So take this time to mourn as we await the next generation of darkness.



One thought on “NECRONOMIDOL Announce Multiple Graduations, Hiatus and Imminent Resurrection

  1. Having read all of their messages now I’m just left with questions. What happened to make them quit like that? There clearly was some sort of disagreement since everyone of their messages(including the managers) cryptically alludes to it(“insurmountable challenges”,”there was an incident”, etc.). Whatever it was it clearly wasn’t a deal breaker for Himari.

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