Your Homicidols Weekender #175

Well, well, well. All I can personally say is thank goodness Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally out, because with the travesty that was this week, the travesty that will surely be next week, and all the other travesties happening outside of idol, I could use a break from reality, I don’t know about you guys. So, I’m joining Maniac on his virtual vacation this next week or so, so you can at least celebrate that! Thanks a lot to all of Team Homicidols who have added to this week’s summary of what we missed while under Necromageddon, and who will as always continue to keep you updated while the two of us are probably selling our souls to a tanuki (at least, that’s what I’ll be doing).

But first:

We totally slept on this Desu.Rabbits thing! Sorry, Bucho!

MAI is graduating AdFicTioN in May.

Necroma’s fallout not enough messy drama for you? Here’s Satanic Punish’s dramatic tale of Noah’s firing.

Don’t piss off Tenka no Chanyuki.

Here’s some brand new KOTO to warm your heart and move your quarantined feet!

Still feeling down? How about some live Chiki ☆Cheeky Daisy!!

Saho Akari from Up Up Girls (Kari) has an MV too!

Hamidasystem performed the first and last oneman live with the most symmetrical setlist on earth.

THIS IS NATS put out another adorably discordant tune.

American hardol Poppy channels some more Marilyn Manson.


Oshiloss Corner

We got a healthy chunk of ex-BiS 2nd Gen news the past week!

First is Hana’s new group, ARCANA PROJECT, releasing a music video.

Then Muropanako (now just called Hanako) announced she was starting her own music project, Her knuckle, and now that has a video too.

Ex-BellHeart Moechi got married, prompting a mass-gathering of sorts for past and present idols alike.

Mochiko is a hairdresser now.

For the three people reading this who remember and cared about PiGU, here’s former members Rino and Yuno dancing around to something.

A travel vlog from Akuchan.

Enjoy your weekend!