The New GANG PARADE Album Sounds Like a Goal

Let the news about late-year WACK releases begin apace! First up is GANG PARADE, whose GANG PARADE take themselves higher!! will drop near the end of November:

I’m guessing that it won’t sound like a Jackie Wilson jam, either

I was going to say, I hope that it works out better than “Beyond the Mountain,” but how did other people feel about that. I heard mostly middling things, which seemed about right.

Still, though, it must have sold well enough for T-Palette to say “all right, let’s do an album.” I just secretly root really hard for Yuyu, so good things for GANG PARADE are good things in general, even if they’ve managed to go way beyond the content scope of this site. The title implies ambition, which could also be completely meaningless because words in idol either mean everything or nothing, and sometimes both, at all times.

This release date gives Watanabe almost four full months to send GANG PARADE on another ridiculous swerve. I wonder what it’ll be this time! I still think they should pick up all of the leftover SiS and Especia material and go all in on a mix of vaporwave, city pop and slightly silly piano ballads.

2 thoughts on “The New GANG PARADE Album Sounds Like a Goal

  1. “Beyond the Mountain” wasn’t a bad song, it was just kind of unmoving. (Kind of like a MOUNTAIN!!…sorry.) I think it’s real problem is that it followed up “Foul” , which is still one of the best tunes of 2017.

    Gang Parade is the cool dark horse of the WACK pack, BiSH gets most of the attention , but GP are like the cooler slightly older sisters in my eyes. (I guess they’re all about the same age, but BiSH feel more “young adult” to me.”) I’m going to keep this on my radar!

    Also, I was under the impression that Saki is traded back with Aya in September….. BUT this is WACK we’re talking about.

  2. I have not watched the tour final yet but from what I’m hearing about Aya-chan’s speech there’s a good chance the “test drive” they took with the initial member switch has now gone full autopilot. She didn’t give a clear cut answer but she did say “I know there will be many mountains in the future but I believe with these seven people we can absolutely cross over them. These seven people are GANG PARADE.”

    I think WACK had this planned out to record all new material to better fit Aya’s vocals since their previous songs were made for Saki’s voice. So either they will extend the trade for another tour with the new album and switch back after or even keep it permanent. No telling though since WACK can be unpredictable.

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