This BiSH MV Is Nothing

Do you get it? Like because people say “such-and-such is everything,” but this is “Nothing,” so I– shut up

When this message hit my feed late last night …

… I immediately geared up for another graduation announcement. After a few minutes of debate, I turned it into “Chitti’s going to school,” which what? I even let a few people’s responses about Hug Me making a return let me fantasize about what it would mean to have Idol Perv Mom back in action (answer: nothing, really). It was a weird half hour.

Instead, BiSH delivered on a different kind of nothing:

That’s the third song from GiANT KiLLERS, and honestly the kind of good Kentacore song that nonetheless wears off almost immediately because you’ve heard it 30 times by now. Like it? Yeah. Love it? You want to! I guess it’s kind of like when somebody really really really wants you to watch their new favorite TV comedy because “it’s so funny!” and you indulge because you like funny things (who doesn’t!), but yeah, it’s funny, but it’s also just telling the same jokes that Star Comedian X told on their old show, so you laugh because they’re good jokes but not as much as you’d like because it’s very going-through-the-motions for this whole team.

Of course, telling your friend that your take on their beloved pet thing is pretty lukewarm, you don’t want to do that because look at them, smile all wide and eyes all shining and there’s hope in there, hope that you can join them in unrelenting love for the too-familiar thing you just witnessed, so you smile the best you can and say, oh yeah, that was really funny! And then they say, oh, but you didn’t really laugh that much, and that’s when you’re trapped because the only recourse you have in this scenario is to either dig deeper with LIES or tell the truth and break the spell. And of course running doesn’t work except on TV.

That’s a really long way of saying that “Nothing” is fine, but it’s probably best for a newbie. The video’s pretty cool though! Road to Makuhari footage, Ayuni D audition footage, lots of stage time … one thing that I appreciate about idols is the willingness to toss out additional MVs as suits the business needs, and said MVs rely heavily on the cheapest video clips of all — the ones you already have.

Well, my Monday’s off to a heck of a start, and we haven’t even looked at Queen of the Scene yet!

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  1. Needs more Ling Ling. But that can be said about most things: this video, Game of Thrones, the morning budget meeting…

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