Thanks, Minna no Kodomo-chan

We all have our personal idol favorites that maybe aren’t everybody else’s favorites. Maybe we need a word for it — “underoshi” or something — a term that captures the idols that just really speak to you, man, even if they don’t have (yet!) have great mass appeal.

I have a few of these, no I won’t list them, but Minna no Kodomo-chan is part of it. This little sucker’s from their fourth single, which … is out? yet? I can’t tell:


This fun duo caught my attention with “I wish I were dead when I wake up,” which is a fantastically loud piece of music with excellent an almost Korn-esque sing-song quality and bizarrely upbeat chorus. I get noticeably happy when it comes up in my playlists; when people first find out about this whole idol website thing and take the time to ask what the hell that’s about, man, “I wish …” is usually part of what I send to them. So I was pretty excited to find out about this yesterday, I what I’m saying.

I’d have been a fool to want a near copy of “I wish …” but I did think that they’d stay in more deliberately hard territory rather than just stick to dissonance and heaviness that’s as much threat as realization. Am I mad about it, though? Not one bit. I’ll be playing it all day, and (just like with “I wish …”) that sly little hook’s going to pop up at inopportune times and people are going to ask “what’s that your humming, Maniac” and I’ll tell them, and they’ll shake their heads because why doesn’t anybody ever just get it, man?

Happy Monday.