This Is How LDID’s Mutsumi Celebrated Her Birthday

Disclaimer: I was giving up on Living Dead I Dolls. It’s not that they don’t do anything — they do a lot! — but that they weren’t doing very much that made me want to talk about them in this context. But then they added this little sucker to Soundcloud, and I got excited for a minute, and then got un-excited for like three minutes, but:

Make your own decisions!

I actually thought it was kind of lame at first and was just going to Weekender it with a little throwaway joke, but then it totally redeemed itself in 20-second segment that gave me an ounce of hope in LDID as an entity after I was originally ready to go all-in on them (and they didn’t deliver like so many when will I learn).

But there you go. Happy birthday to Mutsumi from, which I am obligated to say because I talked about you on your birthday and it’d be rude to not at least pretend.

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