The BiS ‘SOCiALiSM’ Video Has Arrived!

Oh man, you guys, we’re a little bit closer to BiS being BiS-like again!*

BiS-新生アイドル研究会 /「SOCiALiSM」[OFFiCiAL ViDEO… by idolvizion

I didn’t expect the new members to be included, for some reason. I didn’t expect the tongue-in-cheek elements. I didn’t expect M.I.A. callouts. I didn’t expect power metal beats driving “Human After All.” I didn’t expect this at all.

Weird seeing Kika (who’s been my New Saki from the jump) and actual Saki in the same place, though

But hey, it’s a slightly safer place for older BiS fans, you know? I’m pretty happy with it, all things considered.

*I don’t mean the (original) late proliferation of Kentacore ballads. Those are fine in their own right. I’m referring to Angry BiS.

8 thoughts on “The BiS ‘SOCiALiSM’ Video Has Arrived!

  1. This is great! The sound is enough of a pleasant surprise, but I actually didn’t expect the Aya/Saki switch to manifest in their official MVs. I wondered if they’d keep their original members for studio recordings, but this is really cool. Will Saki be on the new BiS album, then?
    As for the new girls… your “charm point” is social anxiety, I get that, but … what a weak debut. Blame the video director, maybe. This was a Kika video when maybe it should have been, “We got new girls! We got Saki!!” Kika deserves the spotlight too (obviously!) but it doesn’t have the “shin membaaah big reveal” vibe of an OTNK.

  2. I’m glad you’re not someone who’s saying they can’t tell the difference between this and BiS’ recent releases.

  3. Holy crap that new girl (not the pourlui lite) give me such Yufu vibe, from her look and even the vocal I’m shook lol.

  4. This reincarnation of BiS has yet to offer anything I like. Music comes off as a lazy effort with just enough of a novelty point in the sound to try to stand out, yet continuously falls flat to my ears. They should hire someone new to put music together for them and drop the whole “BiS name for the sake of brand recognition” schtick in favor of a completely new direction.

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