Let’s Do Duo for Indie Idol Wednesday

It’s Indie Idol Wednesday, friends, and you know what that means — hopefully, a heretofore unknown group on the very edge of idol, doing something that we can enjoy. In this case, I offer you an offer from you; specifically, Stefan hit me up on Facebook a little while ago with a group that he personally had stumbled across, enjoyed, and wanted to share with a wider audience.

I give you Duo:

I have questions!

  • The group is called Duo; that video aside, there are actually four members. Explain.
  • They only have Twitter. They somehow have 13,000+ followers on Twitter. Explain.
  • Battle of Duo, which sounds like a Zeppelin song, happened the other day. Explain.

Here’s another video with trippy post-production effects, and it’s a little more on point, topic-wise:

Anyway, they haven’t done much yet, but this is Indie Idol Wednesday; we got spirit where it counts.

Also, now that I’m thinking about it and some other things that folks have sent over, how about this: Let’s make Indie Idol Wednesday a fans thing. Send me the random idol things that you run across during deep YouTube dives, and I’ll try to work them in!