Good for REGiNA KiSS

This is so cool, you guys; gird your loins for a metric butt-ton of video and new music, because REGiNA KiSS have been taking the occasion of the release of their second EP DOPEKiSS to dump even the kitchen sink on to YouTube and share a sound that I didn’t know had so much in it.

First up: What I’m taking to be their first ever real MV:

The machine translation calls it “Jellyfish,” which is amazing; even my dumb ass known Jan-Ken-Pon

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Here’s a whole series of undressed dress rehearsal videos:

And honestly, just go cruise through their official YouTube. They have CMs for photobooks, additional creative videos and teasers, all kinds of stuff.

I’m happy for REGiNA KiSS; I first heard them in the context of those old idol YouTube deep dives that always seemed more interesting on paper than in reality, but I liked them enough (maybe because Osaka idols have a special place in my heart) and kept following their rather active Twitter presence, and I’ve been watching this unfold for the last couple of weeks with a placeholder post for when the ball finally dropped and we’d get the final prize.

So not too bad, girls! That’s two EPs in less than a year, and I’d say that the sound (while not revolutionary or anything) is there and they probably have the visual appeal down, given that they’re explicitly going for “sexy” in their look in addition to “cute.” They might be going places.

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