Babymetal’s Having a Big Ol’ Fox Festival

I’m sorry, folks, I halfway missed this big announcement by Babymetal from the other day (it sort of lead ballooned in my feed) and am just now getting around to this update about their next big (Japanese) performances:

Newswire has the details spelled out nicely: Two days each at Saitama Super Arena (Tokyo area, obvs) and Osaka-jo Hall (Osaka, even more obvs), coming up in the fall.

That’s kind of interesting, isn’t it? It seems like Babymetal barely toured at all since their epic Tokyo Dome two-parter, but they’ve actually been on the road a ton, with GnR and the Chili Peppers and Metallica and KORN (still, what?); that gets diminished because they didn’t do a full-on solo tour like the last couple of years and are basically skipping the summer festival circuit.

So here, the One members have a crack at seeing Babymetal do a mini arena tour, hopefully this time culminating in an actual announcement about future plans. Kinda hoping for an album! Also ready to be disappointed again!