100 Days of Tsurezure, Days 28 and 29: Assets

There was no 100 Days of Tsurezure post yesterday! Why? Because ol’ Maniac was in the process of putting it together when it suddenly became somewhat impossible to do, and then it was very late before doing it became possible again, so: Here we are. Let’s make it good enough for two days.

Official’s back to promoting their regular shows with abandon (they’re possibly on stage while you’re reading this!); I like the photo with this one so much that I had to steal it:

Not Secured, Loose Ends as a lounge act … cool.

The members, in addition to their performances, are idoling particularly well. Of course, their CDs and those of their agencymates milcboy and Gauche are of particular importance:

Tsuyame will hook you up with one of these limited-edition hand-drawn coasters if you purchase!

How do you tell this face no?

Likewise Co-cubed:

Komachi kind of couldn’t be bothered to offer a reward, though:

Likewise, Shida tried to play it coy:

Only to wind up offering the greatest reward of all (which, no, is not time hanging out with her):

Even milcboy got in on the promo:

These picks aren’t connected, but I want one anyway: