Let’s Spark the Monday Match Game Back to Life

Man, I’ve missed the Monday Match Game. It started pretty much as a gag (being that it’s something to do with this website, that’s not a surprise), but I got a kick out of it, and so did some of you all, and then it was a regular feature, albeit one that tends to ebb and flow with necessity and how much other stuff is going on. I’ve been lackadaisical toward it over the past couple of months because priorities have been elsewhere, but the world needs stupid, mindless, pointless fun sometimes, and dammit does it feel like a thing to do right now.

So. Our last time together, we pitted Coco against Cococo, and it was good. This time, we stay on the names theme, but looking at idols who have very little in common.

In this corner, a re-reformed idol project that used to be rapping dinosaurs before transitioning to the side of rock; in the other corner, idols who have movies on the mind. Two rock units with similar names enter, but only one will emerge victorious!

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