Who All Wants to See YAMIAME Live?

Happy Monday, gang! I just had a hell of a weekend. When I finally got a chance to just sit and take stock of everything, and think about all of the stuff that I didn’t publish over the weekend, I felt like I had a massive fist menacing me from the heavens. Fortunately, a quick review of the notes turned up this nice cache of live video from The Idols Who I Think Are Technically Still Called the Really Long Name That I Can’t Ever Remember but Is Definitely Yannderu Ame or YAMIAME for short:

Some people here will think that I’m crazy for it, and thanks okay, but I had a moment there where I thought, you know, I’m glad that somebody’s willing to pick up the kind of wailing nastiness that we haven’t had in idol since Haloperi Doll. Which is funny given Arisa’s former idol association.

Anyway, just building on that lyric video and all.