Zoomgals Are A Conference Call Of Energizing Awesomeness

If you haven’t seen/heard this yet, I envy you because this is so urgent and exciting that the first time is the best time. (But don’t worry, it’ll still hold up the 323rd listen, trust me, I know.) Just be warned though that if you’re viewing this on your phone, the fire just might burn your hands, so be careful…

With that in mind, turn your volume up as loud as it can go and hit the play button on “GALS” by hip-hop supergroup Zoomgals, joined by special (awesome) guest Yayoi Daimon with an unlikely but welcome cameo of Japan’s esteemed academic sociologist Shinji Miyadai!!!

Dang, I feel like my whole soul just got vaccinated. This is one of the best blasts of positive energy I’ve gotten out of this batshit year. I like it so much that it makes the craziness of 2020 mostly worth enduring, especially when you consider this year’s circumstances are largely what’s led Zoomgals to come into existence.

To help introduce Zoomgals to those who are new to them, I’ll try my best to offer what I can explain and lead you to other sources better able to fill out the greater context. Zoomgals are a fresh collective that started by chance in May of this year as COVID 19 spread worldwide. As the need for all of us to lockdown and stay home turned the Earth into a planet of hermits, rapper valknee (Who’s an idol fan and also written rhymes for Lyrical School!) assembled a who’s-who of rising gals in the Japanese hip-hop world for a collaborative zoom call. So yeah, gals on a zoom call, ya dig?

valknee  posted the result collab on her YouTube channel and the next thing you know, a well-known online personality (who evidently assumed they were Korean) raved about them and the gals became viral sensations that thankfully for us have taken on being a full-time supergroup. Thanks Covid! Thanks online personality! And thank you Zoomgals!

Besides Valknee, the other masters of rhyme in Zoomgals are Tajima Haruka, Namichie, ASOBOiSM, Marukido, and AKKOGORILLA, who we’ve actually covered on the blog before, highlighting her positive messages of personal freedom.  Now you’re probably like me and a little overwhelmed by all these fantastic artists that just got thrown at you, so for an elaborated profile of who everybody is, I’d strongly encourage each of you to visit Ryo’s blog This Side Of Japan and check out this through article about each member of the group!

So now I hope you’re as stoked as I am about the upcoming (and hopefully less corona-ish) new year and looking forward to seeing  what exciting things Zoomgals will be springing on us with their refreshing blasts of positive vibes and sisterhood. You should follow them on twitter if you aren’t already, look up their tunes on digital platforms and check out their shop, and hopefully they’ll keep rewarding us their much-needed energy for the extended future. Keep zoomin’!