Inside the Homicidol Mind: Ano’s Harrowing Life

I was the recipient of a little poke the other night (the friendly kind, not the I’m-trying-to-bust-through-your-rib-cartilage-and-puncture-your-lung kind), and it was our old pal Kayseur with a newly translated IDOL AND READ interview from issue 007, this one featuring none other than one of idol’s more interesting personalities:

This is gonna be good.

What’s good, Ano?

Why didn’t you say [you didn’t do it]?

I knew that if I did, things would have escalated even more. It was at the time I had understood going with the flow, pretending I was the bad guy and apologizing for no reason, was better for everyone’s sake. So I went to the school infirmary and excused myself to a girl I had never even talked to. She probably understood it wasn’t me as well, but I still apologized with a blank expression and empty mind.

Oh, right; another bullied girl, and remember that Ano has crippling social anxiety problems.

Wasn’t there anyone who could’ve become your friend?


Damn. I like a good social-outcast-makes-good story as much as the next guy, but this is painful.

Maybe it’s because of how your life at school has been, but you give off the impression that you would get along better with people older than you, rather than people the same age.

Yes, it was easier to talk to adults compared to people of my age. Don’t you often eat your lunch meal in the toilets?

As always, go read the whole thing, and leave Kayseur comments about a job well done.

3 thoughts on “Inside the Homicidol Mind: Ano’s Harrowing Life

  1. These sad idol stories always destroy my heart. There is a surprising amount of idols who had it tough. They’re too good for this world!

  2. Ano pretty much grabbed my heart from the moment I first became aware of her, and this interview really brings out a lot of the things that drew me to her. If anything, it makes me admire and respect her even more.
    And I want to give her a long-distance metaphorical hug and tell her that she’s Ok and wonderful just the way she is, just the way she wants to be.

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