I Feel Okay about DISDOL’s Next Generation

So yeah, somehow the least upsetting last live of the past week was the best attended:

I had been bullish on DISDOL’s reboot basically from the jump, simply because they’d been trending down as a project for a year and had been dropping members of prominence for almost as long, so I assumed that there were bigger institutional problems etc. Maybe that’s true, maybe not, it doesn’t matter; after they released that transitional video, I would’ve been content to write off the whole thing.

No need!

So it isn’t as powerful and crunchy as their forebears’ classics. So it isn’t as polished and please-take-us-idol-seriously as what happened around HARERUYA. There’s still some good stuff in there, at least enough to warrant seeing what all else happens from this new iteration of the DISDOL project.