The New CROSSNOESIS Single Is Good

This was a much more interesting post before I had to stop it mid-thought and then forgot the best parts, so let’s just cut to the chase: There is a new CROSSNOESIS single, it is good, but it is also being billed as an EP in some quarters because not only does it have six tracks (three full songs and three instrumentals of the same), but it is not titled the title of any of the songs on it. I get the confusion! I also get that this is a wonderful song and a perfectly cool MV and I will use everything from live demonstrations to threats of force to get more people to listen to CROSSNOESIS.

That’s really good! And by “really good” I mean “fun and innovative and practically ambulatory.” I’m not sure how anybody involved necessarily feels about invocations of the H word here, but that’s some vintage stuff, and the deal is sealed by the very well-woven guitar solo that takes us from “this is a fun and good song!” to “this is a fun and good almost rock song!” which is just about all of the qualification we need ’round these parts.

The single, such as it is, is out, so go get it! So sayeth the person who had their chronicle album in his Best Of short list, and everybody knows that my opinions are infallible.