In Which We Answer the Question: What’s Pikarin Doing?

Digging for idol media can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can find. I’m not talking about popping open YouTube and Group X that publishes every other week has a new single to hawk; I’m talking about finding out about awesome new acts because of the Twitter behavior of other obscure idols you just happened to notice, or things from idols you had almost forgotten existed suddenly showing up in your YouTube subscriptions. I say it because that’s exactly what happened! I was checking on Weekender stuff lo not quite a week ago and saw a name I hadn’t noticed next to the letters “MV” in damn near forever, so I smashed that left mouse button and was treated to, well, this.

What it is is Pikarin (I guess we’re still allowed to call her that, she uses the Twitter account, but let’s) Hikari Shiina, easily one of the most-followed “classic” loudol acts who as far as I knew had all but given up the ghost on her music career — which is not the worst notion, given that the next most recent MV on her extremely prolific channel is from two years ago — and was mostly trading on being attractive and scene-famous and a delightful weirdo, which is pretty much what she said she was doing quite a while ago now. Not a bad job if you can make it work! But for reasons that I’m sure she has expressed and I am simply being too lazy to investigate (if you’re game, please do!), she has a new song and a new MV and it’s all not just slick as can be and dang man that’s good:

Right? And I’m not and never had been a particularly big Pikarin fan. But I’ll take that all day and night. Cool track, and very Shiina, though let’s allow for maybe a little bit of the edge buffed off (which, imo, is smart). Yeah I thought I was being Rick-rolled into a makeup tutorial at first, so sue me. It’s good times and I’m happy for her!

As for the rest of what she’s doing:

Hikari Shiina, everybody!