PoroPoro Baroque Had One Hell of a Debut Night

The original Adopt-An-Idol, PoroPoro Baroque, had a bit of an adventure around their first real-deal regular stage on Thursday night, and we are all very fortunate that @cobranaconda was there to not only experience it, but generously share the story.

Today was PoroPoro Baroque’s first regular live (12th overall, but they’ll be doing this location mostly weekly from now on) at Akiba Chika.

As described here:

To start with, [Manager] [made] many random decisions throughout the night. They started with a long MC like Guso Drop, and because it was the first time they decided to do a bit of self-intro. Only being weird they were all super long.

Urara started and basically gave her entire life history. Hono just pointed out her weaknesses and strengths. Mirumo just talked in Kansai dialect to be funny, and finished with the line, “Oh by the way, I’m a G-cup”. Miyabi had screwed up her memo papers, and her intro was basically, “I don’t like idols. I never wanted to be an idol. I can’t dance or sing. I’m just here because I fell for Urara.”





After this they went a bit out of sorts until someone persuade [Manager] to go up and explain why he had hired them. He said Hono was a bit of a leader, Urara had lost 8kg in 3 months to prove she wanted to be an idol, Mirumo had moved all the way from Osaka to do it, and Miyabi just was willing to put up with shit to get the job. They then explained their first impressions of each other, with kind of predictable results: everyone thought Hono was a leader, Urara was scary, Mirumo had a huge rack and Miyabi was off her nut.

We went into the live bit and they performed 3 songs (rather well, they all dance way better than Guso Drop), and that was it, but then stuff went weird.

How weird?

[Manager] decided we would all leave the venue and go and do some fireworks in a local park. Bearing in mind this is Akiba, usually the police would be swarming in minutes. But we got away with it.


The girls just kind of walked around interacting with everyone … [Back at the venue] Porobaro did 2 songs again (they only have 3 together), and then did buppan. It was pretty crazy and if it continues like that I’d have to recommend it.


This video isn’t from that show, but it encompasses the whole musical side of things, I’d say:

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