Your Homicidols Weekender #94

Good morning! It just dawned on me that it is now September, which means that it’s Labor Day weekend here in the USA, which means that the official unofficial end of summer (or the beginning of the return to life in the universe, if you live in the wrong hemisphere) is upon us. Did everybody have a good time? Life is dumb and lame if it can’t at least be punctuated by fun, excitement, revelry. Times like that come around all year long, but the summer is the best time for them, I think, because crushing societal pressures conditions are just right.

Idol seasons move differently, but the same principle applies, and we’re entering arguably the best idol time of year. The big festivals (TIF and @JAM) are behind us, large-but-not-huge fests are coming up, units that formed in the springtime are ready to make some moves, veterans are ready to drop big releases … which is to say nothing of Halloween, the most idol holiday of all. We have a lot to look forward to.

As it stands, though, it’s Unofficial Summer for a couple of more days, and officially three weeks, so let’s keep on keepin’ on like nothing’s really changed. A good bit of stuff already happened this week, in fact, but the highlight was actually Daemon’s Yanakoto Sotto Mute interview, which predictably went absolutely gangbusters out in the Idolverse. So much more happened, though, than ever so respected a source as this could hope to contain, and yon Weekender’s got the goods. Take a few minutes to play the Fun, and then have at it, my friends, before you get your butts out there and let rip.

This Needs to Stop

Now who went and taught Hanako-san clever English idiom?

Here’s sentient underwear mannequin, occasional C-movie actor and former center of Mugen Regina Haruno Megumi doing a solo version of one of her old tracks:

An interview with the soon-to-be WAgg:

The new BiS outfits:

Your pal and mine Jim from Flag of Democracy has a new album that you can buy!

Montero from Screaming Sixties went ahead and produced her own MV:

The first single from Kolokol is on the way:

Ominous idol preview from NECRONOMIDOL:

For the record, I’d still kill to see Rei do one of these sets live:

And speaking of things that I’d murder entire litters of puppies to witness in person, Melon Batake a Go Go hooked up with my forever girl Ophelia 20mg:

Looks like we got a new BiSH single on the way:

Live diegests from Yukueshirezu Loose Ends and Kaqriyo Terror Architect:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is KINGRAGE, whose name I am apparently thus to be styling and haven’t been consistently. Whatever! In a rapid series of events this week, they lost a member:

So they’re adding a new member:

Also, this is them playing ZEPP Tokyo, which had to have been a thrill:

This fulfills my required inclusion of live KINGRAGE video for the week, no?

Speaking of ZEPP Tokyo, here’s Bury there too:

That BURST GIRL crowdfunding campaign went way better than I bet anybody had hoped:

Somebody find video of the Party Rockets GT vs. Ange Rev collaboration!

969, waylaid by sudden massive illness:

In the meantime, I’ll settle for more Alive to Rainy:

One of these days, we’re going to get around to doing NaNoMoRaL:

This is apparently a little older, but Husky is using this really obscure streaming service:

Now this is how you sell from dang records:

I couldn’t remember if I’d shared this dope Panda Mic MV when it happened (full, that is), so here it is in all its glory:

Have a great weekend!