Your Homicidols Weekender #81

Happy Saturday! You’ll all have to forgive me the lack of typical Weekender exuberance; I’m writing this in the aftermath of seeing my favorite current band put on one of the most singularly intense, celebratory, violent performances I’ve ever encountered. And that’s to say nothing of the (very good!) other bands on the bill. Just … if you can catch Code Orange, do it, preferably while heavily armored.

Let’s get down to business then. Did you play the Fun yet? Are you prepared for the first real weekend of Calendar Summer? Are you as impressed by the sudden very good run of idol as I am? Is it possible to ask too many mostly rhetorical questions?


What Pony says:

SHINGEKI got a major label deal:

I really wanted to do more with the new uijin song, but let’s all just acknowledge that, yeah, this isn’t the best bet for that:

Similarly, the newest from the updated form of DAIDAIDAI:

Another new one from R/Lein:

The latest from FunFunFun:

Now GANG PARADE is doing video game stuff:

An interview with Ladybaby:

Dig on this Himegami CRISIS live:

Reiterating that thing from last week about Task have Fun:

I only started to follow eyes because they have what might be the best name in idol:

The Idol Formerly Known as Alloy added three members and completed their transition to WILL-O’:

Terrorcore clown idols Bokura no Oyugi may or may not be doing things again at some point maybe?

If you were interested in getting Babymetal’s latest concert DVD:

Prepare for NEO JAPONISM’s first album:

Random Twitter encounter with Yuhi, ex of THE SPUNKY:

Dang, Ritsuka is calling it quits:

Screaming Sixties shared the lyrics for “Only Place We Can Cry”:

Shintaro Kago’s special NECRONOMIDOL art:

Title and date set for the new Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da album:


I was going to say that this CHICKEN BLOW THE IDOL announcement was probably the earliest one-man announcement I’ve ever seen, but it’s actually not, and that’s wild:

MIGMA SHELTER, if you didn’t already know, is on a month-long hiatus prior to un-hiatusing with an updated lineup:

People are excited about the album coming from Wyenra:

This is fun and all, but the mirror behind them really sells it:

The trailer for YUZUKINGDOM’s debut album:

I thought this was interesting because WiLL is cool, albeit stuck on the tiny stages:

EMPiRE, live:

Have a great weekend!