Your Homicidols Weekender #80

Good morning, friends! I don’t know about where you are, but here, this weekend — Memorial Day weekend — lasts three days and is the unofficial kickoff to summer. I am apparently doing lots of things over these three days! Neat. None of those things are apparently going to live shows. Bummer.

This is a really good Weekender, though, and I hope between it and a couple of other things, you’ll have plenty to entertain you up to and through Monday. Also, play the exquisitely good Fun and keep Kerrie happy, and brace yourself for a summer that’s already feeling like it’s going to be a great one.

I Fear the Sun

Hey. Hey! Very cool French idol group Amaitsuki is getting the chance of a lifetime:

XTEEN has a special greeting for you!

For some reason, GARUDA channeling a swing band works really well:

Everything that amiinA does is magic:

So BiSH is just going to keep making “Orchestra” over and over, aren’t they?

But they have their own guitar now …

As noted above, it’s officially summer when The World Standard does something like this:

Keep up with the highest concept in idol, HAMIDASYSTEM:

There’s a universe where milcboy gets all the credit and popularity and money that she deserves:

tipToe aren’t just having a one-man, but a concept one-man and my heart may never recover:

It looks like Megumi had a nice time in London:

And Saki is ready for you UKers:

Let’s keep the English going with Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da:

Give me just one more rock-like song, Devil ANTHEM, so that I can write about you appropriately:

Ska idols are still at it! Now calling themselves Zankyou Symmetry:

PassCode did this thing:

Yes, KING RAGE has something good going:

Party Rockets GT and Malcolm Mask McLaren on a single stage? Be still, my heart.

This is what Wonder Lander looks and sounds like now:

This is the entire final event between Wagamama Rakia and now-defunct besties NEVE SLIDE DOWN:

The Babymetal graphic novel:

Task have Fun may never have “3WD” again, but they’re still lots of fun:

Keeping up with this stuff and BANZAI JAPAN:

Philosophy no Dance never ceases to make me happy:

For instance, by teaming up with VMO:

And doing what that all requires:

Have a kick-ass weekend!

8 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #80

  1. I think most, if not all of Oriyon is part of Amaitsuki, so it’s quite relevant to this page!

    • I was going to say something about idol composers looking for easy beats, and then I got into this weird YouTube hole looking for an example. This is pretty much it!

      • Marbles got a hardstyle producer from Italy to produce for them, perhaps unnecessarily, and look where they are now 😛

  2. I saw the new lineup of Kouteca 3 (and Camera Gal) at NMFT 12 last week. It felt more impressive and memorable this time around, but I can’t put my finger on why. The new member, whose name I didn’t catch because it’s probably something weird, is right at home with the other 2. The three of them absolutely PERFORM.
    I don’t expect there to be any idols on Vol 13 in October, but the lineup isn’t finalized. We got to hear “Mo’ Strain” and “Pelican” over the PA while the other bands were soundchecking. NMFT’s opinion of idol groups (such as they are) has come a long way in the last 2 years, man!

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