The Once and Future Alloy

This is a post that’s taken most of a week to come together, and I have a feeling that it’s still insufficient, so bear with me, don’t get mad if details are left out, and please do enjoy the tracks to follow.

So. Alloy. They’re pretty good! They’ve also dealt with their share of turnover, as one would expect in idol. Par for the course! Also, if you happen to be a fan of Alloy and/or specific members thereof, completely and irrevocably devastating. Why anybody likes idol, I will never understand.

Nonetheless, the whole point of this is that Momoko’s graduating, like imminently, and the group dropped a couple of tracks to commemorate. Last of the current regime:

And the first-ever Alloy solo track, naturally for Momoko, as a nod to her long-time service:

Additionally also, the Alloy that we’ve come to know and love will, after 1.65 years, no longer have any of the original members, and will be changing their name:

They also no longer look quite as intimidatingly jack-booted as they did originally, so a change is fine

Idol, man. I don’t actually know if there are immediate / current plans to add members or what, but that’s a good bit of change in not a terribly long bit of time. We’ll see! WILL-O’ will be active before we know it, and I’m sure that many an answer will be provided to accompany.

As for Momoko, she drew this picture of uijin the other day, so her spirits seem fairly high:

2 thoughts on “The Once and Future Alloy

  1. Well I’m sure some references in this article is about me, and I’m sorry for the Alloy spam.

    Frankly I usually don’t get too involved with any specific idol but Momoko IS different, you would have to have met her to know. I don’t watch much anime but I watched some Japanese dramas and they often portray persons that makes people around them happy and basically the world is a better place because they exist – frankly I thought it was a lame trope but it’s not.

    Everyone loves Momoko, other idols stand in line to get chekis with her and Alloy have a huge female audience mainly because of her compared to any female idol group I’ve ever seen.

    The last time I saw her she said “I will never forget you” and I honestly believe that she meant that in that moment (she probably will forget me but that’s besides the point). And I’m not being naive here, I know every idol will say I love you the first time you meet them – so I’m familiar with bullshit idol says to keep you interested.

    I’ll try not ever to get that emotionally invested in any idol again though.


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