Your Homicidols Weekender #78 1/3, Babymetal Edition

So do forgive me for beating the Babymetal drum, but the fact remains that every Su-metal exhalation is cause for recognition among Western wota of pretty much any stripes, and all that to-do from the other day has culminated in a ton of fallout, not to mention thinking and angsting and so on. I thought, rather than try to keep up with it all in real time, why not use the patented format of the Weekender to sum up the rest of Babymetal’s week?

And Here We Are

The first thing that must be acknowledged is that Koba all but doubled down on the doubters yesterday:

And was immediately clowned right the hell back. What a brutal response.

Our man Daemon on the case:

I included Alex’s reasonably hot take on the official-ish statement, not just the official-ish statement, because I like when Alex gets saucy:

Once you’ve lost Yuimato, what do you even have anymore?

The possible angle on this (works well with what I was thinking, at least):

Which would make a ton of sense, with even more/less circumstantial evidence:

There are a lot of stupid rumors going on out there. Don’t believe in rumors. Stick with the happily acknowledged bonkers-ass conspiracy theorizing that’s literal fun and games, rather than the people who are just trying to get attention. Also, I’ll go ahead and stand by my we-ain’t-seen-the-last-of-Yui thing. Jordan has some incredible scenarios broken down; I may not be subscribing to his newsletter, but I’m stopping on the street corner to hear what he has to say.

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