Your Homicidols Weekender #78

Hello friends! Did you have a good week? I had a productive one, I’ll say and leave it at that. I was putting in some extra time on some worky things so that I could head down to Richmond in a little while for the Punk in Drublic show. Personal treat, you know?

The week that was … well, other than Babymetal completely shattering everything that we knew so well (and stay tuned for more on that), it was a less eventful week than Golden Week, and thank heavens. On a personal level, if you can, add some input on the Maison Book Girl Interview Question Query, then go play the Fun, and enjoy another glorious spring weekend.

Oh, You Weren’t Kidding

Keeping up with this story:

You can support Tomoka:

Did I remember to share this from Re:Alice? I can’t remember. Thanks to John for the reminder:

Devil ANTHEM just keep on rolling, don’t they?

Things are looking good for BLACK NAZARENE:

Kaishin no Ichigeki’s full anniversary one-man:

Corenament champions Minna no Kodomo-chan will come to do a show at your house if you have the winning barcode on your copy of their first album:

I haven’t had enough occasion to post about Dots lately, so here you go:

Finally, Yui from GANG PARADE, here doing her best Amina du Jean impersonation, will get that promised solo single:

Hmm …

I was, I swear, going to make a regular post with this, but then I forgot to, so say hi to Otomezachou Gingadan:

Yes, DEADLIFT LOLITA will also be venturing to the UK:

And connecting with some old friends (not in the UK, though):

Kinda makes you wonder if Rei wasn’t a catalyst for the trouble in Team Labybaby

BANZAI JAPAN will be heading to Paris:

Idols do have foreheads, you know:, as bananas as ever:

BURST GIRL live, outside:

Even though she carries a shotgun, milcboy’s selfies always make me want to take her for ice cream and insist loudly that I’ll do whatever I need to to make her feel better:

Sean reminded me of Pour Lui, proto-BiS and how this whole ball of wax got started:

Maybe you guys will dig KUNO1:

O’CHAWANZ is … is:

This is an interesting read on the roots of EMPiRE:

Tell me if you ever saw Melon Batake a Go Go doing something like this:

Have a great weekend!

This is the worst thing ever

5 thoughts on “Your Homicidols Weekender #78

  1. Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that gabber kick tho

    And this Devil ANTHEM song dropped just days after Distortion… Is this going to be a new trend? Because i would be SO down for that. And hopefully at some point someone actually does some jumpstyle choreography.

    • im gonna be so damn offended if that happens, you better not disrespect my cities history!
      jumpstyle and gabber still got some beef.

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