Idol Cannot Contain the Power of a BILLIE IDOL Plus Pour Lui, Which Is Real OMG

LUI is IDLE would be an amazing title for ths post, but it’s the opposite!

It turns out that the only thing that Pour Lui can’t do well is retire. Yes, friends, despite having tied up her BiS career twice now, and despite being old enough to be mother to most of RIOT BABY, Lui, idol GOAT and progenitor of most things loud and bloody and rude, is coming back … with BILLIE IDLE:

Oh, and there’s going to be a new album, whatevs

The article has a ton of photos from the unveiling; these are easily my favorites:


I’m not saying that she’s center, but I’d love to see her and Uika fight for it

“Say, Maniac,” I can hear you thinking, “wasn’t it that once threw out the idea that Pour Lui would be joining up with BILLIE IDLE after her retirement?”

It kind of was! Actually, Kerrie’s IDLE is DEAD theory was way brutaler and involved movement in another direction, but it definitely did have Lui and Uika and Nozomi being together again. In actuality, the big winner is Viz Major for piecing together the most-attested-but-least-likely conspiracy theory ever proposed:

Let’s give him a hand. And then let’s ponder exactly how much much, and how high, is going to be coming from BILLIE IDLE’s next album. Let’s also speculate as to exactly how long Lui and Uika can go before somebody tries to stab somebody else, or before Momo gets tired of them both and hires a hitman. At present, it’s all smiles:

Fortunately, we’ll get to watch it all unfold on Adventures in Pour Lui’s YouTube Dungeon!

3 thoughts on “Idol Cannot Contain the Power of a BILLIE IDOL Plus Pour Lui, Which Is Real OMG

  1. Wait Wait Wait … I’m not a english-native speaker, so let me see if I understood
    Saki and Pour Lui Goes to BILLIE IDLE ??

  2. i was first thinking this was wat would happen, but lately i started hoping for something better, something bigger, something way beyond us,
    when the whole BiS 1st and BiS 2nd news (which i still dont really understand actually) came out and Pour Lui started to get the old gang back together on the youtube account, hoped it would it would all be one crazy big publicity stunt for a pre breakup BiS reunion which would then be one of the two groups and do regular gigs again.

    still i am glad this happened, it was a fun conspiracy, sadly i hate Billie Idol, i greatly respect Uika and Nozomi, but the music is just horrible. sorry

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