If Ayukuma Wants to Keep Trying, I’ll Keep Giving Them Chances

All right, I know that I said that I might be kind of done with ol’ ayumikurikamaki, but then they largely redeemed themselves and I feel like it’s worth bringing up the fact that one of the single most fun projects in idol is releasing a second major album:

That’s what you call old news!

March is a long time away, but I’d be willing to bet that the very first tracks/MVs/whatever will start to pop up shortly. Let us then engage in a great deal of hype in the hopes of not having our steadfast love for the former bear idols be wasted! They’re too charming to not support:

Also, for the record, I could not want this shirt more:

One thought on “If Ayukuma Wants to Keep Trying, I’ll Keep Giving Them Chances

  1. I’m in the same boat of frustration with them. I get that they couldn’t (And probably didn’t want to) wear the bear outfits forever, but they sure got less fun for me too, and that’s a disappointing drag. I sure don’t want to write them off.

    But when I ponder their direction, along with BiSH, and even now nu-BiS, all I can think is that major labels are, as they always have been, and no matter what country you live in, the worst enemies of musical creativity. Idols gotta eat and find ways to Budokan though…..

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