Ladybaby Will Live(?)

Color me somewhat surprised — after Rei unceremoniously split and Rie started up on her solo project, I was among those who thought that Ladybaby, of whatever iteration, was as good as dead. Yes, this is idol, and humans are interchangeable parts, and Ladybaby management has been pretty cutthroat about personnel in the past, but still.

So then imagine how hard the coffee shot out of my face when I read this:

And confirmed:

Open to membership in other groups, eh?

There’s also this album thing, which leads me to believe that they are in fact closing the door on Ladybaby 1.5, like spiritually:

Also going on tour (Osaka). I guess when life hands you lemons, you reconstruct the lemons and then turn the lemons into a messy, pulpy curd dessert!

Bonus, if you wanted to see how Rie dressed for her birthday:

Idol makes my head hurt.