A Friday Fun Like Krusty the Clown Would Do

Wow, that time again! Not for me, I’m writing this on a Sunday morning, but for you guys!

What about last week’s Fun, then? And as of writing not a single Watanabe replacement joke! Well done, I know it was an easy opportunity but you restrained yourselves! I restrained myself! Until now. Oh.

Not to toot my own horn, but remember a few months back we had that #2018IdolPredictions Fun? Well, turns out one of my own predictions is already on its way to becoming a reality:

Well, whaddya know! You can’t say those girls aren’t good at bringing on the stunts that make us go:

After all, this isn’t the first time they’ve tried to put the gross taste of an idol into a fried chicken product, and there was also that Trump incident that nobody is still completely sure was satire or not.


Let’s not forget probably the least bizarre thing they’ve been involved in, the crocs/monster slipper/dog toy combination that even yours truly happens to own a pair of, the Akiba sandals:

The girls of Alice Project could honestly announce a partnership with anything and anyone to surprise us all, and everyone would be surprised and slightly confused every time. So we need to come up with something weird before they do!

What’s next to come for Kamen Joshi? Tweet your suggestions with #KamenJoshiCollabMerchPredictions (god damn that’s a long hashtag) and wait and see if one of your ideas is featured in a future Sora News article.