I Don’t Know, GANG PARADE, How Much Do YOU Want to Eat?

In a 24-hour span, the only part of WACK that hasn’t pushed out something to promote a release old or young is now EMPiRE; GANG PARADE offered up the first track from “BREAKING THE ROAD”:

Well, I’m officially done with trying to figure out what GANG PARADE is going to do at any given time. Going all the way back to POP and the group that got booted from TIF, it’s just been one swerve (or partial swerve) after another. This one’s like closing the loop on a knot that started with “pretty pretty good” and some of the subsequent down-catalog material. It’s also like being at Ultrabar for NYE 2009.

Great title, though. I’d love to get at the lyrics. Also the A-side, but I’ll take what I can get before the MV hits any minute now.

Coco, I have a weird feeling that this one is dedicated to you