Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me about This SPARK SPEAKER MV?

Do you guys follow the SPARK SPEAKER news account on Twitter? And if you do, do you know who’s behind it? Like, manager-san or one of the members or just some English-fluent wota with the right idea? Anyway, go follow it now if you aren’t.

This is the kind of thing that happens when you do follow SPARK SPEAKER news and go through the feed to see if you’ve missed anything because you happened to be looking for something else in your post history and see a reference to the group in question and hey, what are they up to, it’s been a few months:

IIRC, that’s from last year’s way-underappreciated KYO-MEI, but now it has an MV set in SPARK SPEAKER doing what they do so well, and arguably better than anybody — the street live. And in seeing and hearing, if you weren’t already aware, you may now be very interested in what else the group brings to the table, and you want to go looking. Good for you! Here’s a tidbit about their third one-man yesterday!

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