Damn, SPARK SPEAKER Is Exactly What We Need

I love it. I wasn’t completely on the SPARK SPEAKER bandwagon back when they first debuted, because reasons, but they’ve completely won me over in the span of the last couple of months, first by showing that they actually had a real-deal chance to make it, and then by doing that ever-so-crucial thing called Being Good. And they are good! And I see that other folks are recognizing it, too, and I hope the growth in numbers of fans pays off for this nicely developing project.

So if you recall that somewhat recent post about them, highlighting photos from their street live? They weren’t just doing a live, you guys!

Would you listen to that? I have a copy of KYO-MEI thanks to the intervention of a benefactor (his name is Phillter!), but I’m yet to listen to it the whole way through, and I recall thinking in my own dim way “Need more breakdown” the first time through. What a stupendously bad opinion that was! This song is great. Maybe I needed it contextualized differently or something. And is it also a SCRAMBLES joint?

And after kvetching for most of the latter half of the year that there wasn’t a clear enough next generation of loudol projects to keep the movement-if-you-call-it-that going, I now feel much better about the state of the whole thing. Hell, maybe in a couple of years, I’ll be able to complain about nobody stepping up in the wake of SPARK SPEAKER and a select handful of others who gave new life and depth to the scene.

Now if only we could have saved KIRAKIRA GERIRA …