Minna no Kodomo-chan: The Band Experience Is Pretty Great

“Man, slow idol morning,” he said to himself while doop-dee-dooping his way through Twitter. “Hellow, what’s this?”

Live clips, you say! I’ve been hoping to get a gander at how 2018 breakout candidates, Corenament winners Minna no Kodomo-chan were shaping up now that they’re a full-time band+idols performance unit. How–

Oh my!

So good, and it’s probably only going to keep getting better. Seeing as how the performance actually pre-dates the decision to go full band, I wonder if this wasn’t the impetus. Like, producer-san was sitting there, knitting,* and thought, “This is exactly what this group should be,” and then got on the line with the people behind TRASH-UP!! who aren’t part of the same knitting club and did they all clapped.

Not everybody’s going to be able to attach a band to idols and make that work on a permanent basis,** but it definitely works for Everybody’s Children. Now to get them convinced that they need to do some gigs in the Mid-Atlantic …

*I clearly have no idea what producers and managers do during idol lives
**Incidentally, this is what I always wanted for 969