TIF Idol Primer: Have a Nice Cup of Pure Coffee Latte

Yeah, shut up, I know that I’m late to the game on getting this little series started. So it goes.

Among the many notable idols that you should be flocking to TIF to see this weekend are idols that you probably never heard of, probably never even thought to check out. But if you’re there for fun rock sounds and those crucial acts that smudge the line between “idols the way that people usually think of that” and “blood-spitting thrashcore chika darlings,” you’ll be pleased to know that there are options!

Yes, I’m talking about rock-sounding, traditionally presented idols. And among the rock-soundingest among them is one of the most traditionally named units that you’ll come across. I give you Pure Coffee Latte:


In total fairness, they weren’t originally scheduled for the TIF series; things worked out that way because Pure Idol Heart, being the helpful gent that he is, told me about them, and then I looked and saw that I had a draft post from a couple of months ago, also from when he told me about them and I promptly forgot, but hey look at the convenient timing!

Anyway, Pure Coffee Latte (Twitter). Yes, they’re an idorock outfit, and bless them for it:

If I’m going to have to lose Babyraids, I’d better have a whole bunch of things that I can add up to approximate a replacement

This lot’s going to be at TIF on Saturday and Sunday; if the schedule permits and you really want to wind up with a smile on your face and/or hope to get a little bit of a break from the exhausting itinerary that you no doubt had planned, you may want to submit yourself to this!

*For you smarks who don’t follow baseball, “a cup of coffee” is the phrase used to describe the short time that a player from the minor leagues is called up to a major league roster, usually during the month of September (when rosters expand) or on an emergency basis; many are the ballplayers whose crowning career glory was the two-week cup of coffee that they had for a winning team late in a magical season; I’m trying to make a metaphor here