What’s Going on, DEEP GIRL?

It’s been a little while since last we met. How are you?

Via Facebook. Very meta.

Maybe you can release something new again one of these days? Please and thanks? Please and thanks.

5 thoughts on “What’s Going on, DEEP GIRL?

  1. I’m surprised I’ve still never seen a pit in a Deep Girl concert video, they have very moshy songs. I suppose they’ve got the wrong sort of fan base.

    Oh, and I agree with you that they really need to release more songs! Even with their covers they’ve only got about five, which really messes with their set lists.

      • They have a fairly bog standard idol fanbase for some reason they dont seem to have as many metalheads as say guso drop, so the lives look kinda boring =/ not to mention the girls themselves always seem like they’re only giving it 50% at best, perhaps they don’t really know how to rock out or get the crowd hyped I dunno, they finally changed to some better outfits i just hope they can refine their live performance and get some energy going.

        • I’m really curious about this — I saw an old video of them doing their first “Deep Girl” number, and the members couldn’t have looked less engaged with the song or the fans. Except for Non, who I kind of feel is the most on-point as far as all this stuff goes.

  2. I’ve wondered what’s been up with them. They’re still doing lives but they keep losing members after each single. I’m hoping that they’ll release something new since I’ve liked all the songs I’ve heard.

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