How Do You Guys Feel about Koisuru BEAT?

Much like the whole Honey Emperor thing, here’s another instance of a group that I’m completely on the fence about, but maybe you all like/will like them, and I am nothing if not a public servant.

So: Koisuru BEAT (Twitter). I first came across “Vanilla Sky” a while ago via somebody’s feed:

And, honestly, I didn’t really care for it. It’s not bad per se, just not terribly exciting*. I actually took them off of my list of groups to eventually come back around to, figuring that I could think about them again if they put out another release that maybe had a little more oomph to it.

But I put on a random playlist today — in the super-romantic world of Maniac’s Day Job, Fridays before big organizational events are reserved for A) sleeping or B) busy administrative catch-up, and I wasn’t getting away with A, so B it was, and that kind of soul-eating day necessitates some kind of playlist (and, apparently, writing about idols).

It’s simple: Open YouTube, think for a second about something that you might like to hear (for your own discovery’s sake, I won’t say what started today’s list), find that video and play it; in the right column will be an auto-generated playlist (the one you’re looking for will have “50+” for the number of tracks), which you should switch to, and YouTube will then use your listening habits to create something that it thinks you’ll like.

Then let that sucker ride. Depending on what you started with, you’ll eventually start to get into some uncharted territory, and that’s where today I re-came upon Koisuru BEAT; not through an official MV or new release, but from this video from their appearance at a Road to Tochigi event:

Yes, there are a few minutes of some kind of skit to start things off, but then they get into their songs and … hey, you know, I find this far more enjoyable!

I didn’t realize that it was Koisuru BEAT at first, given that I wasn’t actually watching the stuff, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that when “Vanilla Sky” started to play toward the end. Didn’t know you had it in you, Koisure BEAT!

You can get a fuller picture of what they’re all about from this PV/trailer for their EMOTIONS album that came out late last year. They’re even more “regular” pop in a lot of ways than I realized, but there are some little poppy punky rockers in there.

Like, I’m unlikely to add a profile, but I think we can enjoy some of these moments, yeah?

*”Just like everything else, Maniac!” You guys are jerks.

One thought on “How Do You Guys Feel about Koisuru BEAT?

  1. A group I had filed under “not currently floating my boat, but with some potential to do so later”. Hopefully they maintain this course toward the heavier parts of Idol..

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