What Would Be the Opposite of Friday Fun?

Happy first Friday of September everyone! Last week I asked you to dust off your VHS tapes and outdated product placement and make some dank aesthetic goodness with #Idolsthetic!

Now, I made a little whoopsie making last week’s as Maniac pointed out. #Idolsthetic had already been done last year, as a fun looking for the prettiest MV footage in existence! So as per the Homicidols Code Of Conduct, I’m going through the harshest of punishments. I’m taking a little trip into #IdolHell!

Similar to last year’s Idol Nightmares without the competitive side to it, this week I want you to imagine the worst things to possibly happen in idol! The kind of stuff that keeps you up at night in a cold sweat, like Guso Drop disbanding or something… wait, that’s real? Looks like I’m already in Idol Hell. Ha! Try banishing me now, Maniac!

Maniac: /kicks can

Come up with your idea of #IdolHell and next week I’ll do a count of how many are Watanabe-related.