Hey, a New PASSPO MV!

Well if somebody doesn’t want the Friday before a holiday weekend to start things off with a real punch! You guys, it’s PASSPO time!

Prepare to be called a liar if you deny the majesty of this song

Man, PASSPO, why don’t you do more stuff that’s just the tiniest bit either louder or jazzier so I can love you with as much of my heart as I use to love things that are louder and/or jazzier? You’re always so fun in such a stupid, idol-genuine way.

This song, which has a very long and complicated title that confuses me but includes a warning to the girls about a kaiju! is their next single, due up at the end of the month.

They also have a one-man coming up next weekend, if you happen to be handy and need this kind of jolt in your veins.

Happy Friday!