Celebrate Art & Beauty with This Friday’s Gif Party

Kerrie’s back! And thank goodness. I was flush out of ideas for the week, but never underestimate the creativity of the @weeaboowitch!

Hello everyone! How was Halloween? Did you do anything fun? I spent my Halloween on the set of the BiSH movie that is totally happening and not just something I made up partly for shits and giggles (literally) and partly to convince Maniac to give me his vinyl record. Speaking of which, congratulations to last weekend’s #IdolNightmare winner, who did a wonderful job at scaring us even more than a Chitti shart demon ever could. Enjoy your NECRONOMIDOL vinyl!

This week, we’re back to our usual gif party, and it’s going to be a beautiful one.

What we want are the prettiest, most artsy moments in Homicidol you’ve seen. I’m talking the kind of gifs you’d find in a museum (if museums had gif exhibits), or on some hipster’s Tumblr blog. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I’m expecting a nice variety of gifs this time. Tag your gifs as #idolsthetic on Twitter or add them in the comments, and we’ll post the best ones next week. Have a visually-pleasant weekend everyone!



Appropriately, Kerrie’s Redbubble has some new designs — check it out!

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