Party Rockets GT Got a Nice TV Spot

This is really cool, you guys — you know that Future Standard show that often does significant segments on idols (in the past, they had Screaming Sixties and Q’ulle among others)? This time around, they did basically a full episode’s worth dedicated just to Party Rockets GT:

I will cop to knowing about this because I’d made a note after Oomori Seiko’s cult manual video the other day to follow up with a number of the girls included as part of her personal army, and I was looking at PRGT Himeka’s feed late last night and saw that she’d RTed this. Given that I’m perpetually afraid that Haruka is going to go off onto a solo career and Fumika will finally get sick of being fourth banana in a group that she’s been in since middle school, thereby taking Party Rockets away from us forever, I will jump at the opportunity to get other people interested in them.

Also, did you see that awesome Kind Of Original Party Rockets lineup reunion from @JAM? Absolutely amazing.

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