Watch the Trailer for Tsubasa Fly’s Final DVD and Remember that Love Sucks

Live as an idol can be grueling, especially if you’re in the indie scene and have to grind through a performance schedule just to make back your recording budget. Very much like your favorite bar band, in fact. For Tsubasa Fly, meeting their goal of charting a single ultimately meant their demise.


Hey, good job! Now let your reward be a desire to never do anything like that ever again!

Here’s the trailer:

Yeah. I was personally really late to Tsubafula and was excited by “END OF THE DAY” and the rest of their (now) final single, so this is sad more in a what-could-have-been way than a fond farewell to a dear friend. Sort of like petit pas! … who only have like one more date booked after joining Tsubasa Fly for …

Damn. Maybe somebody should keep Guso Drop the hell away from that show. OH RIGHT.