A Homicidol Super Group Has Formed: Meet NATASHA

I still can’t believe this, and I just watched Pour Lui sing “primal.” live while all of the other BiS auditioneers watched like awestruck schoolgirls.

Seriously, brace yourselves. This is like the sum of all fears.


This Natalie.mu article (and Phillter) explain:

This is NATASHA. It’s exactly what it looks like, a bad “ultra-aggressive vocal” unit consisting of:

They’re debuting at JAMxNatalie EXPO with music from Matsukuma Kenta (of course — I bet it involves piano!). Whether this is a full-on side project for those involved or a this-event-only kind of thing, I don’t know, but that’s a LOT of heavy hitting in one lineup.

*Rinne is also involved in that hip-hop project with Pikarin Shiina and Younapi from You’ll Melt More!, thereby rapidly endearing herself and I THINK INVITING SOME COVERAGE HERE DON’T YOU THINK. Shame that I failed to bring that up in the hip-hop post from the other day.

JAMxNatalie already looked great, and this is like icing on the cake.

I live in the wrong country.

4 thoughts on “A Homicidol Super Group Has Formed: Meet NATASHA

  1. Alright, own up, who was responsible for this?

    Also, anyone want a sweepstake on who’s doing growls? Assuming Yuriya meant that by ‘ultra-aggressive vocals’

    • We aren’t lucky enough to have it be Chitti, so I’ll take Rinne for $1. I’m just going to assume that Maina’s singing lead and SSFW’s label isn’t going to be too happy with her experimenting with the devil sounds.

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