Here’s the Present and Future for petit pas!

This morning, we had the absolute displeasure to wake up to the news that petit pas! was going to dissolve in September, with very little detail provided by the group or management. A few hours later, though, there’s plenty of information:


Their final one-man will be a two-parter, held the weekend of Aug. 27-28, and the final appearance will be as part of JAMxNatalie Expo on September 25. That’s right after they join Tsubasa Fly’s farewell — I am in no way exaggerating when I say that you might want to be in Tokyo that week.

Next steps:

Beginning Oct. 1, Mave-Ricks will be holding auditions for a new group. New petit pas!, or something else? Regardless, while (see below) the decision here seems to lie with Kokoro and not management, petit pas! itself is dead, (also see below) Suzu and Nozomi now having uncertain futures. The thing is, petit pas! has had a longish and rather troubled history, and the release of their (very good) album back in May was the culmination of a lot of hard work and tears; I hate the idea of a group finally getting its legs and then falling apart.

Suzu has a long note that I beg anybody with the language skills to translate:

Nozomi added her thoughts to this blog post. She sounds sad and maybe even regretful, but I love this line:

I want to end with a complete combustion, thank you to the end

Kokoro, the leader and only original member left standing, who was in danger of becoming the closest thing to an oshi I’d ever have (silly, I know), shared her thoughts:


I legitimately didn’t expect to see something like this happen; Kokoro was very adamant in that recent interview that she was all in on petit pas!, that it was her baby and she was determined to make it succeed.

So then what will be Kokoro’s next move?

Jesting aside, we’ll at least always have a bunch of pretty great music. All the best to everybody in the future.

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  1. I will, unfortunately, be back in the States for the @Jam x Natalie expo, but I am trying to get tickets for the iCON Doll Lounge on the 11th where they are still on the schedule. Perhaps I will get to see them once before the end…

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  3. Don’t know if you saw TIF but they looked miserable and ran off the stage after the set…. must be infighting..

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