Two Prizes Won, One Yet to Come, and Our Final Competition Kicks Off

The first two contests are wrapped up; a separate post on the winners will follow. Ultimately, nobody wanted to challenge the legendary futon in the idols+legends art contest, so, futon, congrats.

With all of that settled, let’s get down to the grand finale.

I Love the Sound of Kawaii Thunder Prize Pack

For the truest connoisseur, the lover of sound, those who want every bass note to shake them to the core, I have our most ambitious contest to date.

I want you to make music. Show your talent.

Here are some really good examples of what I mean:

You have two options:

  1. Play some of this music! Do a play-through video, or record a cover of a homicidol classic. The option is yours, but I caution: Go as awesome as possible. Degree of difficulty matters.
  2. Further in the spirit of Babypriest, can you mix together a great song from the homicidol tradition with a rock classic? Or can you even smash together two of the greatest tunes in this emerging tradition? Be creative; if idol groups can collaborate in unexpected ways, who’s to say that there isn’t some potential magic in ayumikurikamaki meets Rage Against the Machine?

The requirement is one original track (on your honor that it’s your creation), shared on YouTube or Soundcloud or etc.

This is limited to two submissions per person. SUBMIT

Submissions open June 27-July 3
Voting opens July 4


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