Hail to the Victors! It’s a Three-for-Two Deal

As weird luck would have it, in the course of voting for the winners in the first two contests, we ultimately only had … well, to call it one submission would be inaccurate: Rather, futon, the Redditor who’s made a legend out of Babymetal / legend mashups, shared an Imgur album that straight-up intimidated the competition away from competition.

Get in on the contest finale!

Ergo, we have three winners to celebrate!

Winners, you’ll have received an email from me. If necessary, unblock maniac@homicidols.com.

Welcome New Fan Prize Pack Idol Fantasy Team Contest

I think folks had a good time with this one; I did (and if you ask nicely, I might even share what I would have entered with if I were the cheating type). It was a close vote overall, with resident Kamen Joshi fetishist Jaxson taking the title with this, uh, inspired creation:

CONCEPT:Rock/Metal/Trance/World/Symphonic Country Thrash/Speed Rap/Goth Blues/Death Jazz/Doom Pop/Hardcore R&B/Blackened Trip Hop/Nu-Fusion/Punk House/Prog Chamber/Stoner Baroque/Operatic Dub/Romantic Gore/Polynesian Surf Core. A little something for everyone.


Lead Vocals & Center: Suzuka Nakamoto
Back Up Vocals,Choreography,Headbanging,Stage Diving,Crowd Sailing/Surfing
Crowd Cheerleading and Stunning Visuals: The Kamen Joshi
Drums: Hana
Bass: Chopper
Guitar: Jaxson (plenty of people idolize me so FUCK OFF)

Our center and lead vocalist performs in a stunning, white, flowing wedding gown. The most elaborate one imaginable.
Our 18 dancers perform in the smallest micro bikinis ever designed, matching neon colors of course, varying in color from show to show.
The musicians perform in matching black jumpsuits/coveralls and black, spiked gas masks.

Our stage presentation consists of a dual level stage. The lower stage will allow our lead vocalist and 18 dancers plenty of space to perform as they seemingly float across the stage amidst fog, towers of flame and mega co2 blasters. The 2nd level stage will host our trio of musicians approximately 10 feet above the lower stage. This 2nd stage will be hydraulically operated to be lowered for the obligatory solo interludes. In addition, our 18 dancers utilize an array of mini trampolines scattered around the stage,front and rear. They use the rear stage mini tramps to launch themselves, 6 at a time, to the upper stage, in synchronization to the music of course.

Once upon the upper level, they will interact with the trio of musicians with some elevated headbanging. When ready to rejoin the others down below, they utilize more mini tramps to launch themselves, 2 at a time, outward enough to catch the swinging trapezes that will ultimately lower them down.

Once again at crowd level they will use the forward stage mini tramps to stage dive using their already patented,30 ft running, 180 degree, reverse corkscrew technique. Crowd sailing and surfing will run rampant by multiple members at a time. A huge spherical video array as a backdrop will have just enough visuals as not to distract from the performers.

This is a 3 year project intended for arenas and stadiums. Our initial media blitz will be spearheaded by our bikini clad dancers, using their “charms” to wow the media and garner attention. Studio time is already booked and pre-production is underway. We expect to launch by January 2017.

What do we call this menagerie? Perhaps that’s another contest. For now, we are under the working title … SUZUKA22

Voting results. I can’t even, either.

Collector Prize Pack Turn Memes to Art Contest

I didn’t not anticipate receiving this particular menagerie of submissions. Like, you guys, the idea was to create things that would promote idols, not let your real feelings known. However, given that we definitely had a theme, I figured we could just run with it, so.

Luiseru7 turned in one of the least-expected entries I thought possible, and this “oh, Ladybeard, you weirdo” piece of work narrowly edged out one of Jaxon’s Kamen Joshi murder fantasies.

View post on imgur.com

Voting results.

I Want to Look Like a Babymetal Roadie Idols + Rock Legends Contest

As mentioned, futon just made a mockery of anybody else’s potential attempts, so let’s just celebrate this particular gifted ensemble:

View post on imgur.com

There was no need to hold a vote!

Thanks to everybody who submitted, voted, said rude things on other fora, etc. The prizes are nice, so why not compete in the contest finale?

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