Final Contest Finale: Vote!

Well if that wasn’t a marathon and a half.

Our first three contests were pretty cool, but I was rather eagerly waiting for the results here: How could you all do mashing up or covering some homicidol classics?

You can see the basic guidelines in this thread. I ultimately decided that ProFiction’s cover of Sakura Gakuin’s “Ganbare!!”, while the realization of something of a dream of mine, was enough of a tweener that I asked him if he’d be okay if I gave it a light DQ — not up for competition, but still shown off a bit (because it’s cool), and he agreed.

So! We are left with two very fun Babymetal covers, ProFiction with a guitar cover of “Sis. Anger” and ramenshuriken’s vocal+ cover of “Megitsune.”

And for sharing purposes, here’s ProFiction’s guitar cover of “Ganbare!!”.

I’ll leave voting open through Friday, July 8; contestants, get your friends involved!