This Twisted Gif Party Is All about the Perversion

[Maniac: This post is why I don’t give Kerrie self-publishing privileges. Nonetheless, the @weeaboowitch asks, the @weeaboowitch gets.]

Hey everyone, its me again! Where was I last week? I was at Wack HQ pestering Watanabe to make the BiSwagon a reality and turn it into a travelling circus. My Japanese isn’t too great, but I think he said something like “Get the fuck out of here before I release Lui from her idol dungeon!” I think he listened though, because have you heard that circus-y theme of the new BiS song? 😉

Last week Maniac took over in my absence and did a better job than I ever could. Last week he asked you to swap around some idols. Don’t think I wasn’t paying attention. Not only did I relay your ideas to Watanabe before I heard the fearsome growling of a hungry twentysomething idol leader, I came up with a couple of my own, too! Lets see the best of all the submissions!

[Maniac: I won’t even pretend that Kerri’s top entry wasn’t the winner by far.]

Now this week, we’re gonna ask you to turn up that smooth jazz, put on something a little more comfortable and contact your nearest Tenga supplier because this week we’re getting all sick and twisted and erotic in here!

This week, we want your gifs to be idols gone perverted. Now, we’re not looking for boob-jiggle gifs here. No, we want your gifs of idols pushing every boundary of good taste and propriety. Show the sick, the twisted, the weird, the getting a little too comfortable around their colleagues. Whether that be unsubtly checking out an ass, or just some regular tit-poking, or exploring the pleasure of pain, it’s the body as fascination. Because sometimes, idols are just as pervy as we are.

First up:

what the fuck?

Natsuki from AKB48 sniffing her dog's butt
Click it. Trust me. Via

Use the hashtag #PervIdol and share the most body-focused stuff you can!

On another note, as you may have seen from Maniac’s post yesterday, I’m doing a little Halloween special soon, and I need your suggestions for scary idol MVs. Saw a music video that creeped you out lately? Please tweet @weeaboowitch so I can put that in the list. Thank you everybody, and happy perving!